「Optimism、Social、Happy、Epic」~進化するゲーミフィケーション http://goo.gl/ZZUB0



Urgent Optimism – extreme self motivation. The desire to act immediately to tackle an obstacle combined with the belief that we have a reasonable hope of success.


Social Fabric – the idea that people like one another better after they’ve played games with them, have a higher level of trust and a great willingness to work together.


Blissful Productivity – the idea that playing in a game makes you happier working hard, than you would be relaxing. Essentially, we’re optimized as human beings by working hard, and doing meaningful and rewarding work.


Epic Meaning – players will be highly motivated if they believe they are working to achieve something great, something awe-inspiring, something bigger than themselves.



進化するゲーミフィケーション(The Gamification Evolution)


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