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Ads 2.0: The Next Evolution of Online Advertising

March 5th, 2010 by Katie Smillie

Social media defines a new era of online advertising

As Facebook, Twitter, and other social media have become important in our lives, we have come to expect a similar social experience when interacting with all digital content — including ads. This presents advertisers with a huge challenge, but also an opportunity to engage online audiences in new and compelling ways. Transparency, responsiveness, genuine dialogue, and ethics take center stage in the battle for revenue.

At the same time, Web 2.0 has birthed a new breed of company, while changing many established company’s attitudes toward their customers. This new mindset will lead to a generation of advertising in which good companies are selling good products and services to exactly the people who want them, bringing word of mouth into a new era.

Social ads are Ads 2.0

Ads 2.0, the next generation of ads, are moving away from static, impersonal, mass-produced propaganda, to dynamic, customized, personal content.  Similarly, social ads are a more useful, relevant, and personal type of advertising which benefits publishers and advertisers, as well as users. That’s why we are excited to be creating social ads that transform real messages from real people into authentic sponsored content.


Seth Goldstein (Co-Founder and Chairman of introduced our vision of Ads 2.0 at the 2010 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting. His slides from the presentation are available on SlideShare here. A recap of the event can be found on the IAB’s website here.

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